Kate & Morten Oslo Wedding.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kate + Morten, the loved up couple recently tied the knot at an amazingly beautiful wedding in Oslo. I’ve got to say Kate + Morten are one of those dream client anyone would wish for every wedding season. Kate and Morten were amazing to work with, they made it all fun for me right from the morning prep till the last click of the night. I had no issues floating from one end of the couple’s suite to the other, it’s not work when it’s fun, especially with a couple like Kate + Morten. Here is wishing Kate + Morten an enternal blisfull union….

Here are some highlights from your wonderful wedding

Vic & Tobi. (Newland Manor Wedding)

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here…Instagram obviously has been taking most of time. Anyway, I have quite a few weddings. I’d like to share starting with with these fab-fun couple: Vic & Tobi. l documented the couple’s wedding a while ago…I hope you like it…

It's been a while since I've been on here...Instagram obviously has been taking most of time. Anyway, I have quite a few weddings. I'd like to share starting with with thsi fab-fun couple: Vic & Tobi. l documented the couple's wedding a while ago...I hope you like it...

Jihan & Adrian (Banking Hall Wedding)

It’s been such a long time since I last posted weddings from my good old blog. I’ve been so busy using my intagram (@Kevinobosi) a great deal, henve the break from my regular photoblog.

However it feels really good to be back again!!!

Let me start of with  the wonderful wedding of JIHAN + ADRAIN at the beautiful and historic BANKING HALL in London. Jihan had contacted me a while  ago and the day we met up for the couple’s prewedding photoshoot, l knew she and Adrian were the couple any photographer would really love to document, fun, witty, jovial and very laid back. Jihan is an Amerian from Ohio while Adrian a British Londoner. Love that says has no boundries.

I had an amazing time shooting this wedding simply because the couple made it so easy for me.

JIHAN + ADRIAN here is wishing you two a blisful and an amazing journey as Man + Wife.

Thank You to my good friend and colleague ENITAN of Enitan Wedding Photography for his great assistance on the day.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the pre-wedding shoot and the beautiful wedding.

Shenna & Kunle (Hallmark Hotels Wedding)


I’m back again to my good old blog after some break, just before the wedding season goes into full swing.

Here’s another wedding highlights forom another lovely couple: SHEENA + KUNLE. I had an amazing time clicking away at this colorful wedding.
When I met Sheena jsut a few weeks before the wedding during a quick visit/meeting at her venue, I knew she was that kind of bride ANY photographer would love to work with, and it was the same vibe with Kunle whom I met on the wedding day.

I started my day at the HALLMARK HOTEL where the couple stayed, which was less than 5 minutes drive from my home, so you can imagine the ease I was on the day. I truly enjoy shooting alone especailly when i have the space to move around to enable me tell my story from diffrernt angles just like l did with at this fun filled wedding.

It was a lovely ceremony, with SHEENA and KUNLE’s close friends and families in attendance, with lots of moving speeches and dancing way into the nights.

CONGRATULATIONS Sheena + Kunle, I truly wish you two the BEST as you set sail on a new chapter of your lovely life as Man + Wife in far away Qater.

I truly enjoyed telling your story…..here are some of my favorite moments from your beautiful wedding..

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Bambo & Kwadwo (Hylands House Wedding.)

It’s been a while since l posted weddings on my beloved blog…instagram has been a very awesome tool for me for sometime.

Anyway, it feels good to be here again…and l intend to share some of my favorites moments before the wedding season kicks off…

So, let me start off with some highlights from: BAMBO + KWADWO…the loved-up couple recently tied the knot in Essex and I’ll like to wish them a very happy and blisful union in their marrige…

Here are some of moments from the colorful wedding..I hope you love it…