Congratulations AYOOLA + SODIQ

it’s been an epic journey with these lovely and humble couple

From your ‘surprise’ engagement, to your prewed and on to your white wedding, still kicking myself I missed the traditional Nigerian Engagement ceremony due to prior engagement and to the BIG DAY…thank you for letting me be a witness and the man to document an important day in your lovely life.

It’s always nice when you have a Bride & Groom who truly trust and allows you to express yourself to the max.

It’s hard work shooting a wedding as a ‘SOLO SHOOTER’, those who knows me know I shoot virtual all my weddings by myself every season, it’s a tough job trying to tell a story from every angle, as you can see in AYOOL + SODIQ’s wedding and let it look like it was shot by two or more photographers, hard work though, but l still get a lot of buzz from it and I enjoy the challenges…so long as am NOT restricted to float about, right from the hotel up till the last photo at the reception.

Let me quickly THANK the vicar who conducted this wedding, on arrival at the church I had approached him, introducing myself and told him the couple would highly appreciate if all their lovely guests would kindly observe the ceremony and ‘SWITCH-OFF’ their hand held devices (it works for me all the time) as I saw some guests lining the hall way with devices as the bride was about to make her entrance, after the announcement, every one took their seats and I was given an unlimited access to move around like a ‘Free Bird’

AYOOLA + SODIQ’s wedding was one I was so looking forward because I knew they were fun loving couple and you can tell from some of the photos below.

Here is wishing AYOOLA + SODIQ all the very BEST as they set sail on a life long happy journey together as MR + MRS SULEMAN…Congratulations Guys and I hope you like some of my previews.

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