Six years ago a young handsome London undergraduate, walked into a West London bar with with friends to celebrate the home coming of a mate whom had just return from Australia after a 5 years sojourn. He spotted a pretty lady across the bar having a fun girly evening with her friends, the young man nudged his mate, pointed discreetly at the lady and said to his mate “…see that Lady over there, that’s my WIFE, am gonna ask her out and am gonna MARRY her”…he walked up to her and from then on they were inseparable..that Gentleman was EUGENE and the LADY was: TEMI……

Last year we visited the bar during the couple’s prewedding photo session. (See: HERE)..

TEMI contacted me early last year wanting me to be part of their special day, and from our initial conversation I knew instantly I was going to be part of her big day.

TEMI is very detailed, a woman with such amazing taste and eyes for art…according to EUGENE, she single-handely planned every tiny bits of the wedding from day one…, from their choice of logo to the blend of cocktails, working along side step by step with all the amazing vendors and planners involved.

The wedding of TEMI + EUGENE was a rich blend of western, and the couple’s colorful and vibrant heritage:(NIGERIA + GHANA).

I had an awesome time photographing this amazingly nice, humble christian couple. There was plenty of foods, drinks, games cultural entertainment, even the national anthem of both countries were resisted, one may recall over the decades Nigeria and Ghana had always had a very ‘Healthy Rivalry’ from football to all sorts of banter..but on this day TEMI took allegiance with her husband’s Heritage when the anthem was sang. A very emotional TEMI could not hold back her tears when she took to the dance floor with her dad. As a a dotting father of three lovely girls myself, I get so emotional at weddings when dad and daughter gets emotional during speeches and when they get on the dance floor to dance for the very last time..Gee! I often wonder how am going to cope when my daughters get married in future.

TEMI + EUGENE DESTINY brought you two together and this is a union that was DESTINED and HEAVENLY ORDAINED by GOD and I have no doubt you guys are eternity going to be HAPPY every single day of their wonderful life.

Here is wishing you all the VERY BEST as you sail into a great future as Husband + Wife.

I know the photo’s are a ‘wee’ bit too much, but I had problems selecting some of my favorites…it’s just because you two are just too good in front of the camera..

I hope you like these ones:

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